LED light Signage

We can offer you a whole range of LED light signs letters. The basic difference is our Slimline and 3D series. The small Slimline letters from solid acrylic with build-in LED strips. 

The 3D channel letters are made from acrylic front and aluminium sides, depending on the illumination. With sides and front illumination, we produce the whole letter from 3mm colored acrylic.

Thin light sign LED letters

Explore our thin light sign letters. Best for use with smaller signs, because you don't look at and see the sides too much. When the signs are small and the letters thin and tiny, you often see that the thickness of the sign is larger then the width of the letter.

We don't want such lightsigns. The most beautiful signs are the ones witch stands out, have a slick design and are well produced.

Thats our philosophy, make beautiful signs witch looks great on your building or boat...!

Thick Channel light sign letters

Our channel sign letters are fully produced out of acrillic material. Because of this, we can litt any side we want without changes in production. It gives you full freedom of changing the lighting or colors without extra costs.

The signs can be mounted one-by-one to the wall connected by a small, single cabletube or can be mounted on a frame. and connected inside. 

Non-illuminated signs & letters

We also have a wide variety of non-illuminated signs, in any shape you wish. You can design your own sign after the next choice below or just ask us for a quote.

Clean Thin Signs
Best to use for smaller signs. No visible mounting. More...

Top quality LEDs
Very low powerconsumption and long lifetime. More...

Easy mounting
Complete package to mount the signs yourselve. More...

Design your own sign now!
Use our free webtool and get a direct quote. More...