Backlight Box, back-illuminated LED Channel letter

Thick light signs, illuminated from the back with a glow against the wall. The sign is non-translucent and can be colored. Backlight is best used with a dark (front)color against a light background.

Backlight Box LED Channel letter

The Backlight Box sign consists of 2 sealed parts. The back plate with the LEDs (LED carrier), electronics and mounting system, the side of the sign and the front plate. These parts are glued together with a water proof sealing.
The front and side are colored. The light comes out of the back of the sign while the rest of the sign is completely non-translucent.  You can choose from 18 colors for the front and 5 LED light colors.
With our unique mounting system you won't see any mounting screws.
Your Backlight Box sign can be connected to any normal 220/240 AC network.

Example variations

LED lettering backlight

Backlight Box sign benefits

  • Your sign is solid and perfectly sealed and is therefore 100% dirt and waterproof on the inside
  • All electronic components are sealed in a cooling paste preventing corrosion of all electronic connections
  • No visible screws nor attachments on front or side
  • Your sign is designed to be mounted at ± 1.2 Inch (30mm) from the wall preventing water dripping
  • Easy to use power-line through the signs for solid power connection
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • The robust housing of the signs (100 mm, ± 4 Inch thickness) guarantees maximum light sharpness and visibility from both short and long distances
  • You can choose out of 18 briliant colours
  • Failure of one LED will not impact the other LEDs
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