Thin light sign LED letters

Explore our thin light sign letters. Best for use with smaller signs, because you don't look at and see the sides too much. When the signs are small and the letters thin and tiny, you often see that the thickness of the sign is larger then the width of the letter.

We don't want such lightsigns. The most beautiful signs are the ones witch stands out, have a slick design and are well produced.

Thats our philosophy, make beautiful signs witch looks great on your building or boat...!


Our letters are not painted.
There is no risk off damaging paint resulting in a light-spot. Still the letters can be colored on all sides in every colors, even colored-side-illumination!

The LEDs are not casted in glue.
The LEDs won't be damaged by the chemicals and putting the LEDs in an air-chamber, there is a far better heat-dissipation, resulting in a delta-t=11┬║C; the letters won't get hot so have a longer life-span.

Our letters are real IP67!
With our patented technique, different layers are sealed to a solid waterproof letter. No water can enter the sign so the thin LED letters can be used in very humid environments.

Various combinations
Because the construction is the same for every illumination-type. Front-side-Back illumination or alle toghether! We have a highly automated production so the high quality ia a standard and we offer competitive pricing.