Thin unlit signs and letters in any shape

Thin signs for outdoor and indoor use, in any size available with different materials. Flatsign is best used if it only needs attention during the day.

Acrylic commercial signs & letters

The Flat cut sign consists of cast acrylate for years of durablility. The signs are cut from 3 mm acrylate by a state of the art cutter.

You can choose from 20 bright colors. We supply glue and double-sided tape to mount the signs to every surface you want. By this, you won't have to drill holes in the wall. We can however supply additional mounting nipples you have to drill. 

Flat cut sign benefits




  • Your sign can easily be glued on any type of surface / wall
  • 3mm (0,1 inch) thick non-illuminated sign letter
  • Made of cast acrylic with years of colour- and weather durability
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    1. Please discribe as much as possible your wishes. For a price estimate, we need the letters and the sizes. If you want a personal design, please add a logo (vector .ai, .pdf or .eps) with a color-description and available space..
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