Quality Signs

Just to remind you, the company behind Your-Sign-Online has over 65 years of experience in the sign and neon light industry. Over the last years LED technology has conquered an important place in the sign production industry. The signs themselves are made from the highest quality cast acrylate or cast vinyl.  As such the sign keeps the best color intensity and quality for years.
The Boxlight channel letter signs
We have worked with acrillic letters for years now and they have proven their quality without any doubt. The colors stay bright and intense for years. They are water proof so you won't see any water drops and all screws are invisible due to our mounting system.  In case you would have a broken LED in your sign, the LED can easily be replaced on site or you can send the entire letter back to our factory for repair.

For non-luminated sides we can also use aluminium sides. Machined formed with high precision and coated in basic colors. These can be used to reduce the costs.
The thin light signs
These light signs are different from Boxlight because of their thickness. In case an LED gets broke, the entire letter needs to be returned to our factory for repair.

Note that all products have been tested in a water basin for 24 hours on waterproof quality and electrical functioning.

And don't forget ...
If you are not able to create your sign in our online store you can put in a request for a customized sign by using the form below. We will then contact you to discuss the different possible options.

For example: the font-height is limited by the width of the base letter. We can produce  a larger font, but then we need more LED's inside. This calculation can not be done in our online shop, so for those purposes please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Clean and solid signs

Viele Buchstaben sind produziert mit profielen zum abdecken oder Schliessen von den Buchstaben-kasten. Durch die Abdeckung kommt Wasser in der Buchstabe und macht es dreckig. Wir produzieren die Buchstaben aus gegossen Acryl und leimen die Teilen an einander ohne dass Wasser, Dreck oder Faucht eintreten kann. Sie brauchen kein service Kontrakt für prüfung und reinigung.

No visible screws or mounting

We don't work with profiles on the light signs, therefore we don't need big screws on the side to close the lightsign or channel letter. Because of this system you also won't see any mounting parts. Our signs are professional and stable for years of use. Read more...

No use of cheap Eco-LED modules or basic lightlines

The most common and simple way to install LEDs in a sign is by use of cheap LED-modules or basic lightlines. We oft see those modules getting lose inside the sign. Good quality  LED modules are expensive therefore most sign companies use very cheap modules so they have to lowest prices in the market. These cheap modules are not bright and don't have that much of a lifetime. We only use the best Nichia LEDs with some adjustments for an even longer lifetime. 

Top Quality LEDs

We only use the best quality LEDs from Nichia. A lot of people by now know the most LEDs don't have 50.000 hours lifetime. Heat is an important factor in this process. The warmer a LED gets, the shorter the lifetime will be. We developed a way so the LED won't get warm. By this we already have charts with only 2% loss at 20.000 burning-hours. Sure we want to compare these figures with other lightsign companies...!

Nice thin signs

For smaller letters you better use thin signs. We always use a simple basic rule. The thickness of a letter must be wider then the depth... So better use thin letters for thin fonts... You can also look here for more tips & Tricks. To get thin signs with the same visual effect as thick light signs we developed some special systems, like Complilight, Frontlight, Linelight and Backlight