Your-Sign-Online guarantees a perfect execution of your order. During the first 2 years after you have received your order, we will repair for free, any failure or break-down which results from failure in manufacturing.

In case a failure is the result from any type of unjust usage or unjust mounting or in case any type of modifications are being made without preliminary authorization from Your-Sign-Online, our warranty will not be applicable.

For the warranty to be applicable, the broken sign (product) needs to be returned to Your-Sign-Online at the customer's expense. We will investigate the reason. In case Your-Sign-Online judges that the failure is not a result from a failure in manufacturing, we will send you a quote detailing the necessary repairs otherwise you will recieve an new sign (part) for free.

Transportation (damages)
We ship your goods insured against transport-damages. In case of damages its important to KEEP THE PACKING-MATERIALS and take pictures from it. The transport-company needs this stuff to investigate the reason. If it's applicable, they will refund the damage.