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Lightsign mounting

Cables und mounting points nicely hidden

We use several ways to mount the signs. For every sign the mounting is different because for every sign the connection is different, the stability is different and the wall to mount the signs to is different.

Different mounting methods were developed so the signs can be mounted as stable as possible with the least effort possible. The flat cut signs have the most easy mount due to an adhesive being used. The bigger channel letters, on the other hand, need heavy duty mounting because of the architecture of the system.

Mounting channel LED letters

The Boxlight signs are heavy and need a stable mounting because of the architecture of the system. These signs have a mounting back panel which you have to drill to the wall first.  Afterwards you connect the letters. You can choose to put the wire throught the wall behind every letter or connect them through a wire-canal or -profile. When you put the front panel on the sign it will be water proof and solid thight to resist all weatherconditions.

To put the wiring behind every letter throught the wall is not always possible. Therefor we have come up with a very elegant solution. We developed a system with the wiring from letter-to-letter through e stainless steel tubing. Very small but efficient stainless steel tube with wiring to sonnect the whole sign. 

Easy Sign Connect

The various thin light signs have a mounting-part with male-female connection. Mounting the signs is easy: drill the holes through the drawing in the wall, put the screws with male-plugs in the wall and click the signs onto the screws. The connection wire goes through the wall or a wire-profile behind the letters.

There are many cases in which the wiring con not be put throught the wall behind every LED letter, therefor we developed the Easy Sign Connect system. We put 2 wires throught the spacers with 12V power. When you put the letters on the spacers, the connection is made and the letters are fully functional. Simple and Easy!